AirRack 1.0

Offers the possibility to create sound effects for TV programs
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Provides a set of features used to enhance sound effects for TV programs. There is the Amplifier which connects to the audio interface to max the sound volume. Using the Mixer you can route other devices to the amplifier. For triggering sound effects the Sound FX is available to be used.

AirRack is a live environment for those who make sound effects for TV program and other live performance.

AirRack provide you the following racks:

> Amplifier: the component to connect with the audio interface.
> Mixer: route other devices to the amplifier.
> Effects: dual effects which load VST effect plug-ins.
> VSTi: allow you to give real-time performance.
> MP3 player: play MP3 audio file.
> CD player: play the CD track with your CD-ROM.
> Loop player: play an audio file as a loop.
> Sound FX: a simple sampler to trigger sound effects.
> Graphic EQ: 31 band graphic EQ.

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